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You can transform your hackathon project into a internet-native organization, and manage finances, governance and ownership on the way to become a successful startup

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We are supporting the entire startup lifecycle.


Time and cost to start organizations are reduced significantly.


Secure debt financing and crowdsource early capital trustlessly, without the need for token launches or dilution.


Incorporate to access more tools for your expansion and to stay compliant and protected.


When the moment arrives, smoothly exit and initiate fresh endeavors with ease.

Internet-native organizations are the future of coordination

We open the door to limitless entrepreneurial possibilities in the digital realm while ensuring compliance with the laws of the physical world.

Whether it's operating a metaverse shop or revolutionizing the music industry, there are no boundaries to your entrepreneurial vision.

Our mission is to provide the tools, guidance, and unwavering support every entrepreneur needs to manage their business seamlessly.

With PEERUP, you can turn your ideas into reality while we handle the rest."


value proposition


Streamlined Organization Formation: PEERUP simplifies organization creation, making it accessible and flexible for all entrepreneurs.


Comprehensive Financial and Governance Tools: PEERUP simplifies accounting, tax, treasury management, decision-making, and compliance.


Global Accessibility: PEERUP empowers entrepreneurs worldwide to access global financial and capital markets.

Easy and Fast Process

To start your internet-based business, you just need to choose from the options below. Don't worry - these entities are designed to be flexible and cater to your individual requirements. All necessary operations and compliance requirements have already been set up for you, so you can focus solely on product development.

One person's startup:

Onchain and legal entity, onchain and US bank account, tax number.

Multistakeholder startup:

Singlestakheolder package and governance & equity management.

Large Community DAO:

Multistakeholder package and governance token issuance management.

Check the latest regulatory news

Wyoming has recently passed a new law that recognizes DAOs as legal entities. This is a major breakthrough as it enables blockchain networks to operate within the bounds of applicable laws without compromising their decentralization. The move will provide much-needed protections to DAOs and empower them to keep blockchain networks open.

Bellow article from A16Z describes Wyoming's Decentralized Unincorporated Nonprofit Association (DUNA), which is likely to become the standard entity structure for blockchain networks in the US.

A little about us and our partners

At PEERUP, we are driven by the mission to simplify and revolutionize the way internet-native startups operate. We offer a dynamic platform that assists entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities of entity formation, financial management, and compliance. Our team is composed of individuals with a rich blend of experiences in web3, entrepreneurship, and corporate finance. We combine practical business acumen with technical expertise to create a user-friendly solution for the founders of tomorrow.

Our synergy with H2D and Bankless Consulting amplifies our capabilities, allowing us to offer an unparalleled blend of services that propel our clients to the forefront of the internet-native business landscape.

How To DAO is a pioneer in educational content and workshops tailored for decentralized communities. They bring their expertise in nurturing DAOs to our platform, providing our users with resources and knowledge to leverage the power of collective ownership and governance.

Bankless Consulting offers cutting-edge financial advisory and strategic planning services. As a partner, they extend their thought leadership and pragmatic insights to our users, ensuring startups have the support to make informed decisions and to flourish in the borderless economy.





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